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Eos Arrow 100 GNSS

Eos Arrow 100 GNSS

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  • Purchase Includes:Description: (1) Receiver, (1) L1 GNSS antenna, (2) Antenna cable, 1.5m, (1) Battery pack, (1) Battery charger, 100-240V, (1) USB cable, 6 ft., (1) Nylon carrying pouch, (1) Antenna hat with pouch, (1) 2-Year Warranty (90-Day Warranty for battery)


eos arrow os compatibleThe Eos Arrow 100 is designed specifically to use with a variety of mobile devices, including your smartphone, tablet or notebook computer. The Arrow 100 incorporates rock-solid, wireless Bluetooth® technology that works with Android, iOS and Windows® devices, making it obsolete-proof. Contemplating switching from an iPhone to an Android phone or vice-versa? No problem, the Arrow 100 works smoothly with both.


arrow 100 eos positioning systemsSeems like a new Mobile GIS software is being offered each week? With the Arrow 100 you will not be tied to legacy GNSS receiver hardware or GIS software, the Arrow 100 will grow with you. The Eos Arrow 100 feeds submeter accuracy to every app on your Android or iOS device, even Google or Apple maps!


The Eos Arrow 100 takes advantage of simultaneously capturing location data from GPS, Glonass, and a third constellation (Galileo or BeiDou). The Arrow 100 automatically applies free SBAS (WAAS in North America) corrections for 60cm real-time accuracy. Real-time results in the field optimize your efficiency! No post-processing required.


The Eos Arrow 100 squeezes more accuracy from SBAS corrections than any other receiver in the world. With its patented technology, you can use the Arrow 100 under trees, around buildings and in rugged terrain where other receivers will fail to deliver.

For those regions not covered by a free SBAS, Eos Positioning Systems offers Atlas H100 worldwide satellite correction service to provide real-time, submeter accuracy in South America, Asia, Australia and Central/Southern Africa.

The Eos Arrow 100 GNSS can achieve sub-foot accuracy with RTK corrections.  Ask us how! 

See the Arrow Receivers Comparison Chart HERE.

Arrow User Manual can be found HERE.

EOS Tools Pro on Manufacturer Website
EOS Tools Pro for iOS
EOS GNSS Tools for Windows(Desktop)

5 Stars
Wetland Biologist
I recently purchased an Arrow 100 and am using it for wetland delineations with an iPad Mini 4 as the data collector, and GIS Kit as the data collection app. I was replacing an old 2005 Trimble GeoXT that I had used for years. The accuracy of the Arrow 100 is extremely good, the real-time horizontal accuracy has been under 0.5 meters most of the time I've been using it, and frequently below 0.3 meters. It gets amazing satellite reception under tree canopy where my Trimble never worked. The bluetooth connection with the iPad has worked flawlessly, and the Arrow 100 simply replaces the built-in GPS antennae in the iPad for all apps that use GPS. The battery life of the Arrow 100 receiver is at least 10 hours (the most I've used it in a day, and it still wasn't dead), although the battery life of the iPad (or any tablet/phone) is greatly reduced when you are using the GPS for constant surveying. My fully charged iPad will only go about 3 hours without a charge if I am surveying non-stop, but I am charging it in my truck in between sites and turning off bluetooth when I'm not using the GPS, and have been able to squeak out full days of work with it. I also have an external battery and an iPhone with the GIS Kit app as a backup. The only downside I see of this type of setup is that instead of one compact handheld unit, you have three parts (antennae, receiver, data collector) that you have to manage, including a cable connection between the antennae and receiver. I have customized an old Camelback pack for the antennae rod and the receiver, which keeps the cable all tucked away in the pack, which takes care of the cable getting caught on vegetation. In my opinion, being able to use the larger (yet lighter) tablet screen for the data collector is worth the hassle of the three separate parts, and being able to have the antennae higher up over your head certainly keeps your body from blocking some satellites like with a handheld. I am 100% satisfied with my Arrow 100, and would not hesitate to recommend it to any of my colleagues.
Reviewed by:  from Logan, Utah. on 4/30/2018

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