Free High-Accuracy GNSS with Esri Collector Workshop 5/3/2019 (West Palm Beach, FL)

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High-Accuracy GNSS with Esri Collector Workshop

Hosted by: Palm Beach State College on May 3, 2019 

Morning Session: 8:30am to 11:30am 

Afternoon Session: 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Presented by: Anatum GeoMobile Solutions

Navigating the New Esri Collector for High-Accuracy GNSS Data Collection

Free Sign-Up Here https://arcg.is/TjWbq

Who Should Attend:

If your work entails any kind of mobile data collection and you are interested in having hands-on activities and practice with a high accuracy device and Collector for ArcGIS then this workshop is for you.  Municipalities, state/federal government, utilities, environmental consultants, engineering firms and all field GIS/asset inspection professionals interested in supporting centimeter accuracy positioning in an Esri GIS field workflow are strongly encouraged to attend.

This workshop will focus on deploying Collector for ArcGIS with 1-2 centimeter grade RTK (real-time kinematic) GPS/GNSS receivers. You will learn key requirements, configuration tips, and have an opportunity to work HANDS ON with high accuracy receivers in Collector.


  • Welcome! Get settled in.
  • Meet the Anatum GeoMobile Team.
  • Overview of ArcGIS Mobile Field Apps
  • Applications for Collector with High-Accuracy RTK Receivers
  • Ingredients in the "recipe" of successfully deploying high-accuracy RTK GNSS
  • Collector with RTK considerations and tips/tricks
  • Live fieldwork exercise and demo
  • Closing Remarks / Q&A
Attendees are encouraged to bring their own iOS or Android smartphone or tablet with current version of Collector for ArcGIS pre-loaded (Collector for ArcGIS is available in respective app stores). Logins to an ArcGIS Online organization will be provided.
Time/Date: May 3, 2019 from 8:30am to 11:30am or 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

Location: Palm Beach State College, Bioscience Building (building SC on campus map) Room SC 161, 3160 PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410.  Campus Map https://www.palmbeachstate.edu/locations/documents/PalmBeachGardens.pdf

Registration Fee: FREE.  Sign up HERE

Questions about this event? [email protected] or call us at 800-980-4649

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