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Laser Mapping for Esri Collector

Posted by Matt on 8/16/2018 to Product News
If you have been waiting for a solution to do offset mapping and measurement in Collector, it is here!  The videos below take you through the full details step-by-step! 

Anatum Named A Top 25 Field Service Provider in 2017

Posted by Matt on 1/22/2018 to Product News
Anatum has been honored with the acknowledgment as one of CIO Applications magazines Top 25 Field Service Solution Providers in 2017!

Four Satellite Constellations for Arrow 100

Posted by AFS on 3/31/2017 to Product News
Four Satellite Constellations for Arrow 100
The submeter Arrow 100 GNSS has the ability to track and use all four available constellations simultaneously!  No upgrade cost required!

Announcing Eos Arrow Gold RTK

Posted by AFS on 10/16/2016 to Product News
Announcing Eos Arrow Gold RTK

Eos Arrow Gold is World’s Most Advanced GNSS Receiver for Every Mobile Device

Arrow GNSS Interface App

Posted by AFS on 3/1/2016 to Product News
Arrow GNSS Interface App
At Anatum Field Solutions, our group prides itself on being both agnostic to equipment manufacturers and using this equipment in the field.  We don’t do as much field work as we did working as biologists and environmental consultants before we started this company, but we still do a lot of field testing of equipment both independently and with our clients around the United States. 

Nationwide BYOD RTK GNSS Rental Press Release

Posted by AFS on 1/1/2016 to Product News
Nationwide BYOD RTK GNSS Rental Press Release
Anatum Field Solutions has decades of experience using high-accuracy GNSS receivers in the field. We’ve tested and used many different types of GNSS receivers, mobile devices and mobile GIS software. By renting from us, you’ll benefit from our objective opinion on the best GNSS mapping solution to fit your needs, and we have a technical support group to back you up. We are the only BYOD-centric rental company in the US that supports all operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Mobile/EHH) with centimeter and submeter GNSS receivers.

Welcome to our online store

Posted by AFS on 6/4/2014 to Product News
Welcome to our online store!  Our team is proud to announce that we have updated our website and believe it is now easier to navigate and complete purchases or request rental quotes.  We look forward to continuing to serve our existing clients and new ones.